Building a Chicken Coop – Part 6

I wanted to cut all the wood for the chicken coop into the correct dimensions before beginning the assembly, but two of the long studs had to be split into halves from one end to the other, and that was just going to take too long with an ordinary handsaw. Therefore I began the assembly and waited for a chance to go and get a better tool for the job, namely a jigsaw. I bought this powerful one made by Bosch:

The model is a Bosch PST 700 PEL, delivering 530 watts of work. (Apparently I have a thing about Bosch tools 😉 ) I comes with a laser aim, which I didn’t use, and it automatically blows away the saw dust before it builds up in front of the blade. It has some kind of pendulum technology, which I believe is causing the blade to not only move up and down, but also back and forth, which is a very nice feature – the tool is actually driving itself forward when it comes into contact with the wood. I’m not sure if this feature is related to the pendulum technology, but it sure is a cool thing.

I bought some blades too, but the tool actually came with the blade I chose for the cutting up the studs, a T144D blade:

The Bosch jigsaw worked like a charm cutting 3.8 cm (1 1/2 inch) studs into smaller pieces:

The process generated a lot of sawdust and a pleasant odour which is probably why this guy showed up out of the blue:

Maybe he thought he had discovered a sawmill and a new home 😀

(If you know what species this moth is please leave a comment below).

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