Building a Chicken Coop – Part 5

Now I’m going to mount the legs. First I drill holes for the screws, with the legs in place and the drill a bit too long so that it goes all the way through the stud and makes a mark on the leg. After that I remove the leg and drill holes directly in the leg for the screws:

Each leg is fastened with two screws to each stud:

Three more pressure-treated wooden legs to go:

From the coop floor and down into each leg I use two screws in pre-drilled holes:

Ta-da! Four legs. The chicken coop base is finally assembled and the coop can be built on top of this, once the base has been moved to the right location:

“Ahhh… The shades, man. See you in eight hours. Go now. I can has rest.”

Those hens are going to have nice surroundings:

Plenty of space to build a good chicken run.

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