Building a Chicken Coop – Part 4

According to the chicken coop plan I’m supposed to split a couple of studs in halves from one end to the other, but this takes way to long with an ordinary handsaw:

So I need to get a power tool for this one, which means I haven’t cut all the wood before assembly according to my plan.

I’m drilling a hole for each screw in the coop base rectangle to make sure the wood doesn’t split:

I found some 7 cm (2.8 inch) outdoor screws in an old box I had, and these will work fine for this project:

With the screws in, and sticking out a bit on the other side I use them for marking up drilling holes in the end of the next stud:

One of the big challenges for me when assembling the chicken coop base was finding a level surface that was large enough for the coop base, in order to make a prober assembly of the base rectangle:

(Sorry honey – this is what happens when you leave  me alone in the house for a whole day 😀 ) (and don’t look at the floor in hallway).

The wooden rectangle for the chicken coop base has been assembled:

and the floor is mounted with 16 screws:

The coop base on pressure-treated legs:

It’s actually cheating – the legs haven’t been mounted yet 😉 But it looks SWEET! And heavy.

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