And While We Wait For The Potatoes…

I have a number of smaller projects in my garden that I want to write about today. The big project I’m working on is our new chicken coop but there’s not much new to report yet, but do look out for the upcoming third part in the series.


We have a rather big large lawn next to the kitchen garden. It’s justified by the fact that the kids love to play on it instead sitting indoors watching gardening programs Curious George. I dream about the day when the lawn is not needed anymore and can be replaced by raised beds with lots of strawberries and black currant bushes. Or maybe just wild nature. A lawn is a monoculture, but to make the best of it, the by-product is brilliant for gardening purposes. TheΒ  grass clippings can be used as mulch on your vegetable beds:

The purpose is to retain soil moisture, so this is what I’m trying out, and it seems to be working. The soil is moist beneath the grass clippings (I insist πŸ˜‰ ):

What you can’t see is what happened hours later, when the weeds decided to grow right through the mulch. Hmm. Need… more… mulch. I hope this will kill the weeds if I just keep adding more and more mulch. Time will tell. Worst case scenario is that I’ll have a s… load of weeds under there, taking up all the nutrients.

Harvest planning

Up until now I’ve had the problem that when my lettuces/radishes/spinach were finally ready for harvest, I would have so much of it that it would go bad before we could ever managed to eat all of it. This is a result of sowing all of the seeds for the season all at once at the beginning of the season. Which again is a result of me being lazy. I like to get work in phases; preparing soil -> sowing -> weeding / watering -> harvesting -> done deal. But this is not smart when dealing with the mentioned crops. Instead of planting sowing my 4 rows of spinach on the same day, I’ll try sowing 1 row, then wait a couple of WEEKS, then sow another row and so on. Then in the end I hope I won’t have to throw away 3 rows of spinach because the plants look like small trees, okay?


Sneaky bastards. The other day I felt so proud proclaiming in front of my girlfriends that the potatoes had finally put out flower buds. She went out and confirmed it and we were both very happy farmers. god I hate that name :-D.
The next day I went out to take a look at the wonder again – but the flower buds were all gone! Not a trace. WTF? I asked my girlfriend to go out and check again, but she couldn’t see them either. And that’s when we started discussing lucid dreaming πŸ˜‰
Apparently potato plants are very protective of their flowers because fortunately they’re back. They just hide the flower buds the best they can in the evening. I don’t know why. Fearing the dangerous night… pigeons, eh?

So we decided to dig up a potato plant for dinner. I mean, the plants were more than 50 cm (20 inches) tall. FAIL! The potatoes beneath the surface were only 1 cm (0.4 inch) in diameter. So now we’re waiting for the potatoes to blossom and maybe even wilt before trying again. (And sowing even earlier next year.)

Chicken Coop project

Inches to centimeters, marking, sawing. Industry. It’s going to be heavy.

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