Building a Chicken Coop – Part 2

Tall trees are underestimated. I’m working in the shades from several 10 m (33 feet) trees in our backyard, and what you can’t see in the pictures is the 30 deg. C (86 deg. F) temperature. Pretty nice not to be forced to work in the sun. I’m using the uncut studs as a table for sawing:

The next picture shows the base of the chicken coop taking shape. Four 10 x 10 cm (4 x 4 inch) pressure treated pieces of wood will be used as legs. I haven’t done any assembly yet, just checking if the pieces fit together:

According to the plan it’s necessary to do the assembly on a flat surface, and I’ll be using the terrace:

(Notice the large metal bucket on the right with different spices growing in it, just outside the terrace door.)

The plan says you have to fasten the legs to the concrete piers first, but I think it will work better for me if I assemble the base first, and then level the four concrete slabs I’ll be using instead of piers.

Stay tuned for more coop building updates.

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