Got Myself a New Hoe

No, it’s a gardening tool. Gosh 😐

Well, this old one is one of the most common garden tools around here, the pull hoe:

And if you don’t own a pull hoe you probably have a Dutch hoe, which works in the opposite direction, i.e. you need to push it instead:

I went to the nursery some time ago and I stumbled on this tool below, from a bankrupt German company named Odin Exclusive, so I got it cheap ($12):

The handle is made of ash tree and the tool has a galvanized head. Now, the reason I picked this up is that it solves the two problems I have with the first two tools mentioned above:

1. The angle is 0 degrees on the soil, instead of 30 degrees.

2. I’m much stronger when I pull, instead of pushing.

It works best in dry loose soil, but it has become a very useful tool in my collection.

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