More Free Spinach Seeds to go

I have still got a bag of spinach seeds left if you want some free seeds for your garden. The first four bags went to Tamara, Jennifer, Merry and Jeremiah in the U.S.

You can use my contact form or leave a comment below if you’re interested. (I’ll even pack some more bags if enough people want them.)

Update 2011-02-12:

I have sent out all my spare seeds! 😀

5 comments on “More Free Spinach Seeds to go

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    Good read. I have a garden myself, and I just found your site.
    Will be visiting more often 🙂

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    Hi , I like some spinach seeds. Can you email me at [DELETED BY ADMINISTRATOR] so I can give you my address. Thanks in advance. – Anant

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    I would love to try some of the spinach seeds.


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    @Elizabeth: Sorry – as I wrote in the update above I’m all out 🙁

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