Month: May 2010

How to Build a Compost Using Chicken Wire

As the lawn is beginning to look more and more like a real kitchen garden I’m collecting lots of material suitable for composting. I picked a spot next to my rain collector for my new compost pile: Four pieces of round pressure treated poles are placed in each corner: I’m using metal chicken wire to

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What Is The Best Tomato Spacing?

In this new place that I have moved to I’ve got this long, grey concrete wall, which by the way is awesome, because it’s going to fence off against the wind and provide support for tomatoes and cucumbers. The wall is almost entirely facing south, but 30 deg. towards east: I’m even tempted to try

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Raised Garden Bed Plans

When you have decided that you want your own raised beds, you need to figure out how to build them. There are a lot of ways to do this and this post will try to give you some ideas by showing some of the very different ways people have raised their beds up above ground

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