My Favorite Shrub

When I moved into this house, I began cutting down trees and shrubs here and there. I wanted it to be easy to move around in the garden, and many of the shrubs were actually a rather boring sight. But as I have drifted more and more into the grow-your-own-food world, I have become more aware of what is going on in the garden. How things fit together, how the system works. And last summer was a true eye-opener.

Neighbors have reported that the former owner of the house was almost self-sufficient with vegetables from the backyard, and that she really knew what she was doing. And then I could not help but wonder whether it is a coincidence or not that this particular shrub has been given a spot in the garden? It looks quite dull and anonymous such a winter’s day:

But then I want to show you the video from last summer: The shrub is completely alive with bumble bees!:

[media id=9 width=400 height=320]

And if something is good for plants, it’s bumble bees as they pollinate flowers on plants, and thus ensures fruits of one kind or another are formed.
It actually took a little courage to stand this close when filming, but bumble bees are really not so hostile after all.
Imagine if I had just mowed down this fine shrub? Was it a coincidence that she had planted this shrub in the middle of the old vegetable garden, or did she do it on purpose?… Something to think about.

And by the way: If you recognize this shrub with its flowers, and know what kind this is, please write a comment below. It is hereby recommended for attracting bumble bees 😉

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