My new Shredder in Action

Back in the fall last year I took pictures of my new shredder, a Bosch AXT 2500HP. I was a bit reluctant to go out and buy a shredder in this higher price range but my previous experiences with cheaper shredders was driving me.

The old one I used to have had a flywheel with blades mounted on it, but the problem was the blades wore down really quick, and on top of that you would have to force the material into the shredder, because it simply couldn’t get hold of it any other way.

This new shredder uses a different principle and there are absolutely no problems with getting the machine to ‘eat’ the organic material. It chops everything into 3 cm (1 inch) pieces and have a very strong motor (this version runs on 16 amps at 230 volts AC). The third picture shows the grinder; a good way to keep ‘the suits’ out of your garden 😉 pretty scary for someone wearing a tie:

But I’m glad the suits put this on the market, because it’s a wonderful machine. I’m really looking forward to see the quality of the final compost.

Here’s a video showing some action. I’m chopping up shoots from apple trees with the leaves still on:

[media id=7 width=400 height=320]

And the result (I’m closing down this raised bed, or else then material would go onto the compost heap instead.):

The shredder even took care of the Christmas tree during winter 😀 :

[media id=8 width=400 height=320]

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