A New Start

Exciting times ahead for happyfarming.com! I’ve been told that I’ll be fired from my cosy engineering job in the summer 2010. A part of me is freaking out because I’m afraid that I won’t be able to support myself and my family due to this change, but another part of me is excited, because I’ve often dreamed about moving on during the last three years. Apparently it has been tougher to do than I thought it would be, so I choose to see it as a blessing that I have been kicked in the butt from above.

The problem I’m facing now is, that the bank won’t let me borrow money to buy the farm of my dreams, since I won’t have a job for long. A smaller place would also do, but it seems it’s not going to happen. So I’ll probably end up renting a property to have a place to grow stuff. I have looked into buying what people in the UK or USA refer to as an allotment or plot, but last time I checked the price was 34,000 USD for a 400 m2 plot, which means: it ain’t gonna happen! I’m under the impression that around here it’s more about socializing and banging each other on the head with rules and regulations than it is about growing something eatable.

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