Sea Buckthorn Juice Recipe

Photo by Arthur Chapman.

I’m not growing sea buckthorn in my garden (yet?…), but it grows along the coast of Denmark, so it’s available for free around this time of the year, if you bother to go out and harvest the berries.

A thank you goes to Dorte for the juice recipe below! 🙂

“Sea buckthorn juice is able to keep fresh for about 1 year when it is stored in a cold place, without a preservative, because it exists naturally in the berries. When the juice has been extracted from the berries, you can drink it as “schnapps”, since it is very “strong”. Or you can mix 600 g (21 ounces) of cane sugar per 1 l (4 cups) raw juice. The raw juice and sugar is stirred without heating up.

Juice for drinking: Mix about 1½ dl (½ cup) of the sugar mixture and 8½ dl (3½ cups) water (depending on the taste). The sugar mixture will separate, so you will have to give it a shake before mixing with water. If you don’t drink the final mixture right away you will have to stir again, since it will also separate.”

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