Saving Cucumber Seeds (would be nice)

After successfully saving seeds from this years tomatoes I set out to save some cucumber seeds. It didn’t go as planned.

I saved one particularly healthy looking cucumber from the plant growing up the south facing garage wall:

It was dark green when I picked it but I stored it for several weeks inside the house to let it mature, turning yellow in the process. It actually started  to smell bad, as it had a couple of spots. Apparently my girlfriend is very tolerant since she’s able to put up with things like this laying around the house. It was probably a wise decision to tell her in advance what I was doing đŸ˜‰ :

With much anticipation I cut the cucumber open, only to find that it contained no frekkin seeds!:

A little miracle in itself. A lot of hard work must have gone into creating cucumbers like this. I think I have to go talk to the nursery again. Or buy heirloom seeds and raise my own plants next year.

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