Peaches Finally Ripening

My peach tree is starting to bend due to the weight of ripening peaches. They’re sucking up a lot of water in the process, which is good so they’ll get really juicy before harvest time. I guess I have to drill a hole in the wall to build a support for the tree. An old seat belt should do the trick for now. It will support the tree through a large surface and shouldn’t damage the stem. If only I was allowed to pick up this kind of stuff from the local recycling site, but nooo, we have to throw everything away so we can buy NEW stuff and keep the wheels turning. As you can tell I’m still worried about the planets ressources and what happens if or when they run out. And that’s why I keep growing food in my own frekkin front yard. Wonder when there will be a law against that too. Gotta keep the big wheels turning. Enjoy the frekkin pictures.

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