An Experiment in Back Yard Sustainability

Here’s an interesting video from YouTube about back yard sustainability. Janaia Donaldson is interviewing Scott McGuire from Oregon about the project he’s running in the backyard of his rented property. The picture is lagging but that’s worst in the first 10 minutes when they talk face to face. After that they take a tour in Scott’s garden and the lagging becomes tolerable.

In the video you’ll find:

and some other small but interesting things:

2 comments on “An Experiment in Back Yard Sustainability

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    Very interesting topic. I’m growing also some experimental plants that can be used for figting bacteria. Plants are like medical suplies that can be used for everything!

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    @Czeslaw: I agree. It’s like we have forgotten how useful plants are. We need to remember, and reclaim the abundance!

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