Thinning My Peach Tree

A couple of weeks ago I thinned the fruits on my small peach tree according to my garden “bible”. This is done when the fruits are about the size of walnuts. The fruits are thinned to about 25 cm (10 inch) spacing or else the tree will have a hard time maturing all of them. I removed more than half of the fruits (which was not popular with my girlfriend 😉 ):

I also find thinning a bit sad but it’s often necessary in order to have normal size vegetables or fruits.

This is how the tree looks after the thinning:

Luckily there are still no signs of peach leaf curl. Now I’m just waiting for the rain to come. The soil below the peach tree is not well-drained, so when it’s dry for longer periods the soil is compact and any water applied on top just escapes on the surface.

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    could you tell me how far back to cut my two year old grafted peach tree that is about five feet tall. Should I cut it back to a whip at this age..
    thank you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,don,,,,,,,,,,duson, la

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