HappyFarming.com 1 – Peach Leaf Curl 0

Okay, maybe it’s not essential or life threatening if you can’t grow peaches in Scandinavia, but boy do freshly picked peaches taste good. And it seems like my little peach tree have survived with all its leaves still on the tree. Earlier I’ve had problems with peach leaf curl but I put up a plastic shield to protect the tree against the rain:

There was certainly a greenhouse effect due to the shield and the tree is now full of small fruits in development:

Some of the leaves that were close to the plastic on the inside of the plastic cover look like they are affected a bit still but overall it seems like I have fended off the peach leaf curl:

Time will tell if the fruits will mature properly. I sure hope so. I took care of the pollination by hand with a small piece of cotton wool at the end of a bamboo stick:

Oh, and I found this little fellow sleeping behind the plastic at the foot of the tree:

Maybe it’s not warm enough for cockchafers yet…

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