How To Keep Cats From Ruining Your Garden

That cat is driving me insane. It’s just too helpful sometimes when I’m out working in the garden. But I can’t blame it, it is just behaving naturally like a cat, playing, being curious, expressing its love. Can’t help wondering what people with dogs do, as dogs will dig just for the fun of it. Well the cat has started doing that and it’s very annoying when you have been crawling on your knees for hours sowing and the next day you wake up to a true mess. I can’t even imagine how it manages to find so many beans in the ground.
This is not a normal cat I have to say. Some weeks ago it joined me in the shower. But normally cats hate water. And I think this is the solution to the problem with the seeds:

Remember to water your patches of soil where seeds have been sowed.

There’s a difference between dry and wet soil. Mud is just not that attractive from a cats perspective. Especially if everything else in the garden is dry. I’ll try this principle some more but so far it looks like it’s working.

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