My Bumblebee Nest Box Trial

It was supposed to be easy. Build a wooden box, put it up in the garden, and the bumble bees will move in to pollinate your plants on a daily basis. Well they haven’t arrived yet. I’m still crossing my fingers though. Or maybe I came too close with lawnmower.
I made the mistake of using raw untreated wood with no protection from the rain, so the nest box has been deformed in the bottom, which is not good.

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    Are there any updates (after May 22, 2009) on your trial bumble bee nest. I am curious if it was eventually inhabited and what chances you would make next time to the nest constsruction – (other than weatherproofing the wood to prevent warping, as you mentioned).

    Ugly Ike

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    @Ugly Ike: Unfortunately no bumble bees came to stay, and eventually I scrapped the box. But I still think the design is good, although thinner wood would be sufficient, like 1 cm (0.4 cm) or something like that.
    The story took a twist this year – check it out at if you haven’t already. I didn’t do anything to attract them, but they came anyway 😉
    Check out another design here:

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