Make Your Own Sea Buckthorn Juice

The picture above shows a field of Sea Buckthorn shrubs (Hippophae L.) growing near the west coast of Denmark. If you look closely you’ll be able to see patches of yellow berries. Sea buckthorn is special because it tolerates the salty and dry climate around here. The shrubs need full sun and can be up to 6 m (20 feet) high. Most of the sea buckthorn in the world grows in China (90%) but it has also spread across Europe.

The berries are interesting because you can make sea buckthorn juice from them. What you get then is juice that is full of antioxidants, caroteniods, vitamin E, amino acids and most importantly, vitamin C. In fact the vitamin C content is 12 times higher than in oranges! All of this puts sea buckthorn in the category of superfoods.

Here’s a tool specially made for making sea buckthorn juice while you walk around in the field and collect the berries. It was used by one of my relatives during a trip to the coast:

Sea buckthorn juice is collected in the small container while working in the field and later poured into glass pitchers in the kitchen back home:

But you need to stir the pitcher now and then or the juice will seperate into three layers, which look really gross; orange cream on top, saturated and polyunsaturated fats in the middle and sediment and juice in the bottom.

Mix the raw sea buckthorn juice with water, 1 part raw juice and 6 parts water.

Here’s a recipe including sea buckthorn made by Pille from Estonia: Sea-Buckthorn Jelly with Kama & Mascarpone Mousse

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    dear sir
    i like this page about sea buckthorn juice, i am very interested to produce juice in nepal, becouse i am very well-known about sea buckthorn, currently i am making it’s juice homely and sell a small quantity in few shops, i am planing to produce it as company, so could you give idea of it’s making juice and how to send them to market? i am very hopeful to hear of your kind responses soon
    best regards
    namgya wangdi

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    I don’t produce juice i large quantities. I sometimes get a bottle from relatives who makes a few bottles a year, but I think it’s a great idea, since sea buckthorn is a superfood.
    Please keep us updated on your venture – I wish you good luck.

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    Sbt is very good product this is super food

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    Sbt juice is verygood product i am manufacture in raj.(india)

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    @Rahul Sharma: What is your price per liter juice? And how much do you produce each year? Do you add any preservatives to keep it fresh?

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    this is absolutely brilliant. Thank you so very much for your tip.
    I was searching internet in vain to find a tool to faciliate cherry picking. I have about 20 large cherry trees. Now I can simply make a cherry juice right off the trees.

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      You’re welcome Jan! Have you seen this post and comments?:
      Are you going to make a tool yourself, or are going to buy one? If you’re making one yourself I know that several people want to see how you do it, probably due to the price of the store-bought one 😉
      20 large cherry trees – holy cow :-O Did you plant them yourself, or how did you get access to so many cherries? Sounds so delicious.

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