Rain From A Clear Blue Sky

I was walking past the garage the other day when I noticed this drop of water on the concrete tiles:

And here was another one:

It was weird since the weather was beautiful and had been so for days. So I looked up thinking the gutter must be full of water and leaking. But no, they sky was blue and the gutter is brand new:

I starred at the gutter for a couple of minutes, scratching my head, before I figured out what was going on. Don’t mind the expensive new powder coated metal gutter – the vine is freaking bleeding!:

Oh dear… Just wanted to prevent the vine from ripping down the gutter a couple of days earlier, so I just cut off the ends of the vine, which had been growing in under the gutter and the roof. Bad timing:

Other cuts on the vine had been done in time before the vine started sucking up water and distributing it:

And another correctly timed cut:

So remember to cut or prune your vine when the leaves fall off before winter, or you’ll end up with blood on your hands. Or water. (And where the hell does all that water come from, it’s so dry now?… anyway)

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