Let Your Garden Debug Itself

It’s annoying to have your vegetables eaten up by bugs. Luckily it’s possible to get help from other insects, because they’ll attack those harmful bugs and eat them or feed them to their young. Some plants naturally attract these beneficial insects and some even attract several helpful insects to your garden. In the table below you’ll find the beneficial insects in the left column and the names of the attracting  plants in the top row. Below the table you’ll see a picture of each plant. By planting these in your garden you’ll be able to create a big insect magnet and get help hunting down those hungry bugs:

Coreopsis Cosmos Dill Fennel Goldenrod Lemon balm Sweet alyssum
Green Lacewing x x x
Hoverflies x x x x
Ladybugs x x x x
Minute Pirate Bug x x
Parasite Wasps x x x x
Soldier Beetles x x x x
Spined Soldier Bug x
Tachinid x x x x x


Photo by kabils.


Photo by Kanko*.


Photo by Eran Finkle – ערן פינקל.


Photo by Anika Malone.


Photo by Benimoto.

Lemon balm:

Photo by color line.

Sweet alyssum:

Photo by hortulus.

Do you already have any of these beneficial insects in your garden? Where are they hanging out?

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