How To Grow Garlic

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Garlic needs plenty of sun and rich soil with pH 6.5 to 7.0. Lots of organic matter is preferred. It’s good to dig in green manure and dig the soil down to 30 cm (12 inch).


It is possible to plant garlic in early spring, but it’s not recommended since the soil is difficult to work with at this time. Plant in the fall, maybe even after the first frost has arrived. Take a garlic bulb and break it into cloves just before planting, so that the cloves don’t dry out. Each clove acts an individual seed. Plant the largest cloves of the bulbs in an upright position 2 cm (1 inch) below the surface. The plants need to be 10 cm (4 inch) apart and the space between rows should be 45 cm (18) apart.


Each clove grows into a bulb with up to 20 cloves. The root system of the cloves should have begun to develop before winter arrives, but the tops should not break the surface yet. Remove any weeds since garlic have a hard time competing with weeds. Garlic goes dormant over the winter and is not harmed by frost or snow.


It’s time to harvest when the leaves goes brown and die away. Stop watering a few weeks before harvest. It takes 10 months from planting garlic until they’re ready to be harvested.


Garlic is best stored in a cool and dry place. Hang the bulbs to dry for a week and then brush off the dirt. The temperature should be around 10 deg C. (50 deg. F) for storage.

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    I would like to grow garlic for commercial sale on a small plot of land in IL.

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    Rossim, I would like to recommend a book written by Mandy Pullen called “Valuable Vegetables” – it’s available on Amazon:
    On the back cover it says:
    “… She found she could grow not only enough produce to feed herself and her family, but have enough left over to run a thriving vegetable box scheme. This unique book is based on her own practical experience.”
    She grows garlic too.

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