Germinating Onion Seeds

Photo by tanakawho.

It’s February and it’s time to start germinating onions around here. Old plastic boxes that were used for storing candy have proven to be very handy for starting seeds:

I use special mould for germination and mark where I want the seeds to go in. In this case it’s 4 x 4:

To get the most out of my bag of seeds I use a pair of tweezers to put in the seeds:

I’ll spray the mould with water and place it in a windowsill and wake up excited each morning to see, if the small fellows have decided to live 😀

3 comments on “Germinating Onion Seeds

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    Those plasticboxes, clever!
    But I assume you don’t let them grow in there? There’s no holes in the box as far as I can see, so I imagen that’d be a nice fundation for different moulds and diseases (:

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    @Kiku: When the seedlings start to form the real leaves I move them into small pots with drain holes in the bottom, and another type of growing medium containing all the good stuff not present in the germination medium.
    I have found that the windowsill is actually too hot for the seedlings. The light/heat ratio is too low, so I’m planning on installing a grow light instead. Don’t know where to mount it though, due to space requirements, but I think it’s the next the step to take in order to raise more plants.

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