Gardening Glossary

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I have learned quite a few new words since the beginning of my gardening journey. Here they are:


This is a way of growing plants that takes the stars and the moon into consideration. In this theory it is important on which days of the month you sow and on which days you harvest, since the star constellations are different. In theory the different constellations influence how plants grow and apparently this is also shown by scientific evidence. Originally developed by Rudolf Steiner and later verified by Maria Thun.


When you let potatoes put out sprouts by placing them in a warm and light room. After that they will be better prepared for the life outside in the ground.

Companion Plants

Some plants deter a certain type of pests while other plants deter other pests. When you mix your plants correctly in your garden you have a natural way of fighting pests by designing the problem away.

F1 Seeds

Seeds made by genetic manipulation that will produce uniform offspring. F1 seeds are the result of selective breeding in a controlled environment and therefore generally more expensive than other seeds.


The part of a plant that contains seeds. Fruit is often sweet and edible, but not always. Cucumbers and squash contain seeds but are not sweet.

Heirloom Seeds

Seeds from open pollinated plants passed down from generation to generation. Often kept as a family tradition.


Putting some kind of shredded plant material on top of your soil. This will prevent weeds from taking over your beds and it will keep moisture levels high in your soil.

Raised Bed

A box placed on top of the soil. The box can be made from different materials, for instance wood or concrete. You’ll be less inclined to walk on the soil in the raised bed, since it usually only covers a limited area. This gives the soil well-drained properties.

Root Cellar

A cold small chamber below ground, which normally only contains vegetables. Often used in earlier days before the fridge was developed and used today for small footprint living.

Season Extender

A small box that traps the heat from the sun, thereby raising the temperature inside where the plants are grown.


A clever designed box that once filled with water will provide the plants with the correct amount of water at all times. Useful when you go on vacation and therefore can’t water your plants regularly.


A construction made for supporting climbing plants, like for instance beans.

Urban Homestead

Bringing the good old self-sufficient style and principles of living into the city in modern days.


Plants that show up out of nowhere that you didn’t intentionally put where they choose to grow. Volunteers are often found near the compost heap.


Underground greenhouse that collects and stores solar energy during the day and carry it through the night. The word means “place of warmth”.

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