Month: December 2008

eBook review – Cinder Block Gardens

Introduction My interest in this book was originally due to the fact that my own wooden raised beds are rotting away. So I was thinking about using concrete tiles as building blocks instead. Then I saw this eBook and liked the idea of using cinder blocks instead. I did some research and found out that

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Soil Moisture Sensor

Update 2011-09-05: I have created a new blog about electronics only – check it out here: Electronic measurements, NSLU2 and soil moisture sensor In the middle of the picture you can see the moisture meter board from and on the right the Watermark soil moisture sensor. When the moisture sensor gets wet its electrical

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Temperature Logging System Overview

Here’s an overview of the garden temperature logging system as it is at the moment: Here are links to blog posts with more information on the different blocks: NSLU2: Small Computer As Garden Control Center Soil Temperature Logging How To Automatically Update Your Temperature Graphs Soil temperature sensor: Soil Temperature Sensor Air temperature sensor: Garden

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