Sea Buckthorn Juice

Sea buckthorn

This is not actually “grow your own food”, more like gather your own food. It came in through the back door from my in-laws, so it was not something I was seeking consciously. My girlfriend has family in Sweden and they were visiting Denmark. I don’t know if this is typical for Denmark, but they found a lot of Sea buckthorn (Hippophae L.), which they made juice from. Apparently this is very valuable stuff, so they were glad they could take much of it with them home.

My in-laws combed the local coastline and they found lots of bushes of Sea buckthorn. It’s supposed to be one of those healthy superfoods, like blackcurrant, blackberry and such. We got some of the juice and I’m beginning to like it. It took a while to figure out what it taste like, but it’s very much like oranges, plain and simple. So is the color. When shaken it also looks like orange juice, but left still the buckthorn will part like oil on water. We mix it with water, 1 part juice and 6 parts water. The raw Sea buckthorn juice is made with special equipment that can be carried around when picking the berries.

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