Month: November 2008

What to Expect When You Grow Vegetables In Your Lawn

I finally found out what this is, sticking out of the potato above. There’s a better picture of it in this post about potato worms. Apparently this is a classic example of what happens, when you convert your lawn into a vegetable garden. They’re called wireworms and the problem is not limited to potatoes in

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How To Automatically Update Your Temperature Graphs

Here’s a bit more explanation on how to run the temperature logging system I described earlier. The system automatically stores the value of its sensors every five minutes using the crontab function in Linux. crontab is a schedule of recurring things to be done in the form of commands to be run on the system.

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Soil Temperature Logging

The soil temperature sensor is now in the ground and measurements have been coming in for days now. I have placed the NSLU2 computer in the windowsill and laid an Ethernet cable out to the raised beds. The scripts for this logging functionality are available here: owfs is used as interface to the

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