I Know The Potatoes Are Good But Please

Potato Worm

Judging from the worm sticking out of the potato it seems that I have waited a little too long before taking the potatoes up. I’ve read that it was okay to let them stay in the ground after the plants die until they were to be used in the kitchen. It doesn’t seem to be true around here at least. There were previously no potatoes grown in this bed so it’s not like there was a build up of pests year after year. These are of the Bintje kind.

Then I went further down the bed and started digging up the other kinds of potatoes. Those were Asparagus potatoes or Almond potatoes as I believe they are called. After some searching on the internet it seems like they are a local Scandinavian kind, because there is very little information to be found about them and a property like being able to grow at low temperatures is highlighted. They are known in Sweden at least but also in Denmark. I’m not sure Almond potatoes are the same thing but I guess they are. If you can clarify on this please leave a comment.

I only found a single worm in all of the Asparagus potatoes despite the fact that they are grown in the same row as the potato in the picture. It’s the Bintje kind by the way. The two kinds were planted at approximately the same time so the conditions should be the same. Apparently the worms don’t like the Asparagus potatoes. Do you know what kind of worm this its? Next year I’ll dig up the potatoes when the plants die above ground.

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