Warning: The Beans Are Out Of Control


The beans are growing like crazy now. There are beans to be harvested every three days, both runners and the smaller ones. The trellis is made from nine bamboo sticks held together with plastic ties (yes I know – it’s not a very sustainable lifestyle with all that plastic 😉 ). I have an earlier picture showing the bare trellis here.

I had to secure the trellis with two pieces of string since the winds are rather strong around here. We’re not that far away from the coast. It’s seems to be holding up, so I’ll definitely be growing beans next year too. The fridge is already well packed with beans for the winter.

In the middle of the picture we have the runners, Phaseolus Vulgaris Promotor, and to the right we have Phaseolus Vulgaris Maxi. On the left you can see white mustard but yet only as small plants. They are supposed to collect nutrients from the soil so they won’t go to waste during the fall and wash down with the rain. Then the plants will be harvested and put in the composting box.

There are some small bugs sitting on the short bean plants, but they don’t do any harm, they just sit there. The cats chased all the birds out of the garden, so I guess there are no enemies to eat them, so why not just sit and relax and enjoy the sun 😉

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    Man I love the bean trellis can’t wait to try it.
    This site is a service to home gardeners, excellent job an thank you keep up the good work.

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    @Rusty: Thanks, I’m glad you like it.

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