Two Inspiring Videos

Here are two inspiring videos for you:

The first one is called “Greening The Desert”. A guy called Geoff Lawton is talking about a project they did in the desert 2 km from The Dead Sea. They’re harvesting the small amount of rainwater they get in that area and bringing the soil to life again. Figs and citrus fruits are grown on the 40,000 m2 (10 acres) land.

“You can fix all the worlds problems in a garden … and most people today actually don’t know this and that makes most people insecure.”
– Geoff Lawton

In the other video Geoff shows a 300 year old food forest, which he came across on a trip to Vietnam. The forest has been owned by the same family for all these years, so they know what they’re doing.

“It’s a view of the past – and the future. The only possible future we have.”
– Geoff Lawton

Check out the Dervaes family for more inspiration. It seems like they also know what they are doing.

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