Month: September 2008

I Know The Potatoes Are Good But Please

Judging from the worm sticking out of the potato it seems that I have waited a little too long before taking the potatoes up. I’ve read that it was okay to let them stay in the ground after the plants die until they were to be used in the kitchen. It doesn’t seem to be

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Warning: The Beans Are Out Of Control

The beans are growing like crazy now. There are beans to be harvested every three days, both runners and the smaller ones. The trellis is made from nine bamboo sticks held together with plastic ties (yes I know – it’s not a very sustainable lifestyle with all that plastic 😉 ). I have an earlier

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How To Grow Tomatoes

Yes! The first tomatoes are finally ripe. They’re late because the ones I originally planted were cut down by killer slugs. That was a tough one since those original ones I sowed indoor where they germinated in my windowsill and grew up to become sound 20 cm (8 inch) plants. I’m not sure what to

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