Collecting Nutrients From The Soil


A few days ago this bed was planted with corn and peas, as you would see on my garden tour post, but as the bed was prepared late there was not much of a chance that those plants would produce much before harvest. So I gave up on them and cleared the soil in order to sow white mustard. You might as well have something growing all the time, since the plants will extract and store nutrients from the soil that would otherwise be washed away from the soil by rain.

I don’t know the exact word in English for these kind of plants but the group consists of clover, lupin, wheat, oat etc. In the spring you dig the plants down into the soil and let them decompose to enrich the soil.

These are the plants I’ve sowed until now for storing nutrients:

  • White mustard
  • Lupin (collects nitrogen)
  • Crimson clover (collects nitrogen)

Others I’m planning on sowing:

  • Buckwheat
  • Rye
  • Common vetch

Some of these plants also attract bees to your garden and the flowers are nice too.

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