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Spinach Seeds

Now that most of the red beets and the first round of carrots are harvested from the raised beds I’m left with big patches of free soil. I ran out of spinach so today I ordered three more bags of seeds. As described on the back of the bag it’s possible to sow spinach until late August, so there’s still more to be squeezed out of the garden. Radish too can be sowed until late August, but I think spinach is a little more versatile and in higher demand around here. I believe the dates provided by the Weibulls company applies to the Scandinavian climate. The real way to do this is of course to collect your own seeds from vegetable flowers, but I still have much to learn so that will be an upcoming project for the years to come 😉

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    Your garden looks fantastic! I havent pinched any sideshoots out at all this year, mainly because im not actually sure what one is…some research very soon though!

    Have you tried perpertual spinach? Its much better for hot weather as it doesnt bolt! I suppose its a bit more like kale than spinach.

    Ill make sure i add your link this week, i keep forgetting!

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    @vegmonkey: Hey thanks! Working in the garden just puts me in the zone – it’s easy to forget time and place 😉

    And thank you for the tip on perpetual spinach. I found other names for it too, like chard, spinach beet or silver beet. I actually ordered a bag a few minutes ago to experiment with, so thanks again!

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