How NOT To Grow Squash


One of my squash fruits seems to be rotting, and one of the leaves seems to be in bad shape too. This is the first time this has happened and I don’t know what is going on here, so please leave a comment if you have an explanation. This particular plant has delivered a couple of fine fruits earlier this summer and I hope it will keep on going despite this bad one.

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    Mine do this sometimes and I believe it may be powdery mildew. A few squash will rot but it will still produce good ones too. You may be able to treat it with epsom salts. I have successfully treated mildew in tomatoes with that but you can research the best cure. Sometimes it’s just too much rain. One thing you should check for squash bugs because they produce a similar reaction in the plant but will completely destroy it. They are easy to spot though; fat, gray bugs running all over the plant.

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    @annie: I think you’re right, thanks! I suspect it’s a rain or watering problem, since we have had much rain lately, and on dry days I’ve been watering in the evening. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing that the leaves are wet during the night.
    Fortunately there are no bugs on the plant.

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