Where Is My Tagetes?

No tagetes

Isn’t that a fine row of tagetes? No? Why not? They’re not in the picture? Hmm, must be the wrong row… Nope, it’s this one alright. I saved the seeds from the tagetes last year and put them here in this row, but there’s no sign of them this year.

Now it’s unlikely that the following goes for tagetes too, but it does for some vegetables. It turns out that some of the companies producing and selling seeds for all kinds of plants is manipulating the genes of the plants, so that the seeds you will eventually get from those plants you grow will not be able to grow into new plants if you sow the new seeds. This way you are forced to go and buy another round of seeds if you want to grow this particular plant again.

For this to be a good business for the company it has to control the reproduction mechanism of the plant, the price of the seeds and the information available to the public. Well the last one just failed miserably (damn blogs :-D). Choose your company wisely.

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