Growing Beans And Peas

Beans and peas

Beans and peas like to have something to hang onto and some beans will climb up to 3 metres (10 feet) upwards if you let them. I put together 10 bamboo sticks each 2 meters (7 feet) long.

For the peas I cut up some wire fence that is 50 cm (20 inches) high for each row.

In the back you can see one of the potato rows with asparagus and Bintje potatoes. They flowered a few weeks ago but are still a little small, so we’re letting them grow a bit more.

There’s also a lot of lawn left as you see in the picture which could be turned into raised beds. I don’t know if there’s any rules in our area on how wild you can run your front garden. I really don’t think I should start asking. 😀

Take a look at to see how wild it can get. Very inspiring story.

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