Planning When To Grow What

When you begin growing your own food you don’t have a strong intuition that will tell you when to do what in your garden. Here’s an overview of vegetables suitable for growing food as a beginner:

English name Latin name Variant
1 Bean Phaseolus Vulgaris Promotor, (Hammenhögs)
2 Bean, short Phaseolus Vulgaris Maxi, (Hammenhögs)
3 Beetroot Beta Vulgaris Bull’s Blood
4 Beetroot, long Beta Vulgaris Kosak
5 Carrot Daucus Carota ssp. Sativus Nantes 2
6 Corn Zea Mays Spring Sun F1
7 Leek Allium Porrum Bulga
8 Lettuce Lactuca Sativa Mix
9 Parsnip Pastinaca Sativa White Gem
10 Pea Pisum Sativum Delikett
11 Radish Raphanus Sativus Round Red Small White Tip 2
12 Red Onion Allium Cepa Red Baron
13 Spinach Spinacia Oleracea Bordeaux F1
14 Zucchini Cucurbita Pepo Black Beauty
15 Tagetes, high Tagetes Erecta Crackerjack Mix
16 Yellow Onion Allium Cepa N.A.

And here’s a plan showing when to do what:

Sowing Plan

(“Germinate” in a warm place indoors and “Sow” outside in the garden.)

It shows for example that a crop like 9. Parsnip is sowed in the spring and harvested in the winter. It also shows that 11. Radish is fast to produce, which is good for kids because it’s easy to have success with it.

I’m growing all of the above in 2008 and the seeds are available from Weibulls. I believe it’s a Swedish company so the plan is probably best for Scandinavia, but it would probably work on other locations near latitude 56N with small adjustments.

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