Peach Tree

Peach tree

I planted a peach tree last year and the fruits were just amazing. The fruits we had last year were already on the tree when we picked it up from the nursery, but hopes were high this spring because of all the new flowers on the tree. But then the frost and windy weather returned. Bad thing for a flowering peach tree. A week ago there were only one new developing fruit which later rotted away.
I did some reading and I found out that this is typical when you plant a peach on a south facing wall, living on this latitude (55N). A south facing wall is relatively warm so the peach starts flowering early, when the frost is almost gone. If the frost returns later on, the buds will be damaged. The trick is to plant it on an east facing wall, or in the open. Some even covers the stem with snow in case of a free standing tree, in order to delay the flowering.
Luckily we have a free east facing wall, so there is an upcoming project for you to read about 😉

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